Health | February 2023

The 5 Minute Secret To Longer, Deeper Sleep

What’s the best way to get amazing sleep?

According to new research, you can forget about exercise. And throw your sleeping pills away.

Because there’s an easy, fast and free alternative:

The Morning Sun. 1

Few people know about this powerful sleep aid. But experts agree:

It’s one of the best things for your health. Helping you feel happier, focused…

And, of course, more energetic!

But How Does It Work?

When you see sunlight in the morning, you target sleep problems at their root:

A broken bodyclock.

Your body has its own internal clock. Telling it when to feel awake, and when to feel tired.

Sleep problems happen when that clock gets confused. Thinking sleep time starts at, or later.

Luckily, when you see the morning sun, you reset your bodyclock. Making your brain say:

“In 15-16 hours, it will be time to fall asleep.”

So How Much Sun Do I Need?

Let’s face it. In Britain, catching the sun is hard.

In summer, it’s often hidden behind clouds.

And in winter, it can rise as late as

Luckily, you don’t need a glorious sunrise to reset your body’s clock…

You just need to get outside.

Shortly after you wake up, try and get outdoors.

You can walk, run or just sit in your garden.

But make sure to get at least 5-10 minutes on a sunny day. Or 20 minutes if it’s cloudy.

And you’ll start enjoying longer, deeper sleep.